The Port

Bari is one of the most economically active cities in the South East of Italy.
In particular its port and airport have gone through a series of improvements in the last 15 year, thus placing Bari as one of the most interesting ports in the Adriatic after Venice.
The port of Bari was built in 1850 and can accommodate any type of vessel.
The opening of the cruise terminal in 2003 has greatly improved the quality of the services and has consolidated the tourist image of the city from an international point of view.
The cruise traffic in the port has considerably increased since 1998. This is due, on one hand, to the growing interest in the Mediterranean basin from the Cruise companies, and, on the other hand, to an attentive marketing and promotional activity of the Port Authority and local operators.

Bari is divided in two parts by Corso Vittorio Emanuele, that runs between the Old Town and the New Town (Borgo Murattiano).
The city has a wonderful seaside (Lungomare) where many outdoor festivals are held.
Here on the fair grounds located on the sea, THE TRADE LEVANT FAIR, one of the most important in the country, has been held every September for more than 50 years.
The city has an international airport and is connected to the National Highway System by two highways to Naples and Milan. The railway connects Bari to all major Italian cities.