The Port

Trieste is one of the few tourist ports that are directly in front of the town waterfront, facing Piazza Unità d’ Italia, the heart of the city surrounded by elegant Viennese architecture.
The port of Trieste is very ancient: it was founded in Roman times and became a free trading port in 1719 and a leading trading centre in the heart of Europe. Thanks to this special custom law, which has remained unaltered over the centuries, all international operators have exclusive terms.
The Maritime Station, which also includeas a Congress Centre, was completely restructured at the beginning of 2002 cruise season.

The port area has a very deep seabed which reaches 18 metres at the deepest point.
In logistic terms the city has everything that is needed to give a perfect welcome to even large scale tourist flows. Besides the technical features of the port, the city offers a very high level transport system with 5 international airports within a range of 90 km, a motorway network giving access to the city from various points, a dense network of roads leading down to the port area.

More besides the wide choice of shops, restaurants, historic coffee bars and hotels which have managed to work together to create a system.
Apart from the historic landscape and cultural itineraries offered in the city and its hinterland, other world famous tourist possibilities Trieste offers, thanks to its geographical position, include Venice and the city of Lubiana, one of the most fascinating capitals in Central Europe from an architectural and town planning point of view.
In particular Venice and Trieste have strengthened their relationships through a cooperation that aims at offering increasingly rich and original proposals.
This cooperation gives value to the wealth of the entire Adriatic area and offer cruise lovers an exceptionally high quality cultural solution.